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    Machine Shop CNC Manufacturing - Raven Industries
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    Professional CNC Machining Welding and Fabrication Contractors

    Raven Industries specializes in complex technical fabrication for the world’s most advanced companies. The more technically challenged the problem, the better. Cad design, high-purity welding/fabrication, CNC machining. 

    Whether it needs to be designed, cut, drilled, prototyped, machined, bent, welded, or assembled, our facility has been designed to meet the dynamic and ever-changing needs of our clients.

    Full-service CNC machine shop – CNC milling and programming HAAS VF2 / HAAS VFOE CNC mills. CNC turning HASS SL 10 lathe. Custom Fabrication – CAD design, welding TIG/MIG, high-purity welding, custom tube bending and saw cutting. 

    Prototype development and assembly. Servicing aerospace, biotech, construction and off-road industries


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    We Provide Superior CNC Metal Fabrication Services

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    From Aerospace to Off-Road

    CNC machining involves the utilization of CNC extreme high-tolerance machining techniques to produce critical parts and assemblies for industries ranging from biotech and energy, construction and off-roading, and on to aerospace - design and prototype through testing and production.

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    CNC Machine Shop

    Raven Industries Provides Quality CNC Machining Solutions to meet requirements for every application in inner and near space... to the limits of your imagination. WE GET YOU THERE.

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    Race Proven Performance Off-Road

    When a tenth-of-a-second really does matter, and part failure IS NOT an option, you can COUNT ON Raven Industries

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    Raven Industries specializes in complex technical fabrication for the world’s most advanced companies. The more technically challenged the problem, the better. We specialize in high precision high-purity weldments for industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing.

    Machine Shop CNC Manufacturing - Raven Industries
    Why Choose Us

    Six Reasons to Choose Raven Industries for your CNC Machining and Fabrication Needs

    Your project is approaching the long-awaited stage of materialization, and your next step is the manufacturing phase. Perhaps you aren’t comfortable sending your product off to be produced in a faraway facility. You need a trusted CNC manufacturer to partner with through the entire process – What better way to do this than with someone close to home? Shopping local isn’t just for the consumer!

    Quality Control

    By being geographically closer to your production facility, you’ll be able to execute tighter control over the entire life cycle and process.


    ISO Standard 9001 - 2015 is more than a notice of standard... it applies to the what and how for EVERYTHING we do, and we meet and exceed those standards.

    Trained Workers

    Our Design Staff, Machinists and Machine Operators are the highest trained workers in our industry. We don't accept just to minimum standards... anything!

    At Raven Industries, we are dedicated to Customer Satisfaction – it shows in everything we do!

    Good for the Community

    Keeping CNC operations in America strengthens our economy. Sourcing locally increases your bottom line, and it will do the same for our local economy.

    Quick Response

    Not only does manufacturing locally save on logistics costs, but it also saves valuable time in the concept to delivery cycle. Win-win for everyone!


    We are proud of our work, and we put our Raven Industries Warranty on every thing we do. You know exactly where you stand - that's our guarantee to you!

    You'll See Our Work... Well, Everywhere!

    We build the highest quality assemblies and components, completed to your exacting specifications, for those truly mission critical jobs. Raven Industries is a CNC Machining and High-Purity fabrication company, servicing the semiconductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biotech, Department of Defense, medical and food industries. We specialize in design and development of complete systems. As a full service machine shop we excel at the highest tolerances combined with fabrication and precision welding we are a true one stop shop. Materials range from high strength composites, aluminums to high purity stainless steel. You name it we can design it, machine it, build it, and test it.

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    Lakeside, CA, USA

    10050 Marathon Parkway Suite 108, Lakeside, CA 92040

    Phone: 619 486-6021

    Email: info@ravenindustriesmfg.com

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